Thursday, December 31, 2009

poem 4 nu year

nu year
brings I back to situations
promises I ave made...

broken wans also
different patterns
images of life
as I knows

in the cipher I unleash primal fear
primal joy
feathers that tickle your soul

your father
your mother

who is U really????????

what's tha purpose of this all????????

remember death.
the temples of gamppula eternally burning
simple people learning

to live
to die

in peace

rememba2respect life!!!!

happy new year to all our readers!

the next year will bring more qulity updates... example we will post some sketches we have written and filmed... that we have made in future that is..... welcome then back............. or now..

and also featuring will be different artists we work and co produced with.....................u all know..

heil to keke!!!!!!!! oval peace out, skibis will be there also..... maybe..??

from kirkonkatu elves

sipuli jaska & astroschnautzer..

Skibis @ the studio again

Check the previous post. Same story.
We were lucky enough to not catch this on camera.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

skibiz @ the studio

Our friend Skippari ( 1/2 reanimator) came to visit us at the studio to mix some tracks for the revontulitytöt fireshow.
He was very pleased with the results and that is probably why he looks like a fooled monkey. I was lucky enough to catch this on camera.

Friday, December 18, 2009


-20c outside and freezing inside in the studio and me ill, that didn`t stop me from jamming with my modular with my mouth open. I was lucky enough to catch this on camera.

Check also:

Phone call @ tutio

So we was hanging out making some cool music at the studio with my friend Daniel (he`s from sweden) and we got a phone call. we were lucky enough to catch this on tape.